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The Green Jobs Employment Projection Model

The Zambia Green Jobs Programme (ZGJP) promotes the creation of green jobs in Zambia's thriving building construction sector. Other sectors in Zambia also offer significant opportunities for green job creation, particularly renewable energy, public transportation, waste management, sustainable tourism and agriculture.

In this regard, the ZGJP is supporting the Zambian Ministry of Finance (MoF) to develop a Green Jobs Employment Projection Model (GJ-EPM), a tool for estimating the potential for green job creation in targeted sectors of the Zambian economy.

GJ-EPM will be able to simulate the short- to medium-term impacts of green and conventional policy strategies on employment and income distribution, enabling decision makers to determine which policy options are most likely to result in the creation of green jobs and poverty reduction. GJ-EPM will also be able to simulate the employment effects of redistribution of economic growth from conventional sectors, such as mining, towards greener sectors, such as renewable energy and sustainable tourism.

GJ-EPM estimations and simulations will help policymakers to identify and focus on sectors and policy strategies with high potential for green job creation and to forecast and prepare for the employment impacts of these types of sectorial shifts, also known as green transitions.

The GJ-EPM will produce:

  • A quantitative estimate of existing green jobs in Zambia, by sector
  • A quantitative estimate of potential green jobs and related opportunities, by sector
  • Estimates of the employment effects of a shift of economic activities from conventional to green sectors (for example, from conventional to green building construction)
  • A modelling tool that will project the short- to medium- term impacts of various policy scenarios on employment and income distribution

An analytical report will be produced based on the outcome of the Green Jobs Employment Projection Modelling exercise in Zambia. This report will be shared with key stakeholders, the public and will be made available on this web portal.

Green jobs benefit the environment and offer working conditions that meet the accepted standards of decent work. Green jobs exist in new and conventional sectors, contributing to the production of green goods, providing green services, making production processes more energy and material efficient, and minimizing waste and emissions.