Republic Of Zambia

United Nations Development Programme Zambia

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Making tangible effects for people

The implementation of the Zambia Green Jobs Programme will deliver the following milestones and outputs by end of May 2017:

  • Create 5,000 decent and new green jobs
  • Improve the quality of 2,000 jobs by extending basic social protection and improving access to occupational safety and health services for workers in the building construction sector
  • Increase enterprise performance (annual income by at least 10 percent from baseline) of at least 2500 micro, small and medium (MSME), which in turn will
  • Raise the household annual income (by at least 10 percent from baseline), of families whose livelihoods depend on the building construction industry
  • Contribute to the number of buildings (houses) built using green building technologies and materials by at least 150 houses,
  • Reduce the monthly comparative energy and water utility costs among households built or retrofitted with water, energy saving or renewable technologies by at least 10%, and
  • Cause a positive attitude change towards green business of not less than 5% among the general public and 10% among the industry stakeholders in particular